This past Saturday was the first day of Spring! So long, Winter! Hello, sunny and rainy days! Hello, flowers blooming! Hello, fresh starts! Soon here in the UK, our clocks will “spring forward” and the days will grow longer.

With more sunny days, I can feel my mood becoming a little lighter. Yes, there are the occasional cloudy days (what you expect in London), but it’s becoming apparent that we are edging closer to summer.

One of the new things I have started to do is write more, as discussed in my post “Letter Writing“. I’ve recently started finding more pen pals from all over the country on Instagram. On Saturday, I posted a letter to a pen pal in Indonesia and one in California. Soon, I’ll be sending out a couple more, one here in the UK and one to Canada. It’s helped keep my creative mind and spirit alive. It’s also been a fun way to connect during this pandemic.

Yesterday was a big spring cleaning in our flat. Nothing is more cathartic and rewarding than scrubbing down the flat. Cobwebs were gone and the house was smelling fresh. Soon we will be getting new office furniture and that will be another “fresh start” in our flat.

I’m hoping it won’t be too much longer until I find out my visa application decision. If I could go into April knowing the status, I would be so happy. I’m thankful I can still be here in the UK with my husband, but it is still uneasy waiting for an email.

I’m looking forward to Easter holidays (crossing my fingers for good weather!). More restrictions are supposed to be lifted and my sure everyone’s mood will be as well. I’m ready for walks and picnics in the park!

I hope your spring brings new beginnings, new friendships, and lots of sunshine!

xx Hannah

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