Friday Foods #11

For this installment of Friday Foods, here is a simple, minimal ingredient recipe! It’s for Harissa Halloumi with Naan.


2 Naan

Half a punnet of Baby Plum Tomatoes

1 Baby Gem Lettuce

1 Block Halloumi

Harissa Paste

Slice tomatoes in half and cut up baby gem lettuce. These will go on top of the naan.

Pour olive oil into frying pan. Make sure halloumi is drained before frying. Fry halloumi on both sides until golden.

In a separate bowl, add your harissa paste. If you do not have the paste, you can mix one teaspoon of harissa spice and two tablespoons of olive oil. I kind of estimate when I make my own paste.

When the halloumi is cooked, coat both sides of the halloumi with the harissa paste.

If preferred, you can warm up the naan in your oven for 4 minutes. Place the naan on plates and top with lettuce, tomatoes, and halloumi.

This recipe can be changed up many ways. For example, you may want to add honey to your harissa paste or mix the lettuce/tomato with apple cider vinegar. It’s all up to you!


xx Hannah

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