Letter Writing

I’ll admit it, lockdown has been boring. With not being able to work, it’s hard to find things to keep myself entertained each day as I wait for my visa approval letter. One thing that I have managed to do is write letters to friends.

Does anyone write letters anymore? I know I’m not that old, but writing letters was one of my favourite things to do when I was younger. My second cousins in Virginia were my penpals for a few years. I would also write the occasional card to a family member.

One person who I have kept in touch with my mail the longest has been my second grade teacher, Mrs. Lockie. Every year without fail, I will receive a Christmas card/letter from her. I’ve tried my best to keep her updated with what is going on in my life by letter writing. It’s just really nice to think after 16 years, we can both write letters to each other.

Last week, I decided to write to Mrs. Lockie and friends. I asked on my Instagram and Facebook if anyone would like a letter from the UK. I had quite a bit of people reach out to me asking for a letter, some of them promising to write back. I got out my pen and paper and sat down and wrote letters. I’ll admit, it did get quite repetitive (since there is not much going on in lockdown), but each one I tried to give a personal touch.

While writing those letters, I realised it can be quite therapeutic. It is like writing a journal, but to a friend. Some letters my mind did tend to wander, but that made for a more interesting letter for the recipient to read.

After the letters were written, Peter and I walked to the post office together to buy stamps. Sending international letters is not cheap, but it was worth it knowing someone would have a smile on their face.

xx Hannah

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