Hello Fresh Review

I’m sure at some point in the past year you have heard or seen an advertisement for Hello Fresh. I felt like I couldn’t escape a commercial on the radio or on one of my husband’s podcasts. From October to mid-January, we gave in and tried it. I’m going to highlight some pros and cons of using Hello Fresh. These are all my opinions based on experience. I am in no way endorsed/sponsored by Hello Fresh. Results may vary, for example, it could be different from using it in the UK compared to the USA.

Pros of Using Hello Fresh:

  • My husband and I were stuck in a food rut. It felt like we kept eating the same things. We both wanted to try something more healthy and Hello Fresh seemed like a good start.
  • Helped figure out portion sizes and was less waste. We were used to making too much and then not being able to eat all the leftovers.
  • Plenty of recipes to choose from each week. We were doing three meals a week for the two of us. We definitely had some repeats of favourites.
  • The recipes we liked the best we kept for us to make again later. These recipes have been easy to repeat/alter to whatever we prefer.
  • Produce was always fresh and in good condition.

Cons of Using Hello Fresh:

  • Once we were using Hello Fresh for an extended amount of time, we felt like we had a good hang of making new recipes and improving our cooking skills. We also realised it wasn’t starting to be as cost effective the longer we were using it.
  • We often had missing ingredients or even missing recipes. One recipe didn’t have the pdf online and customer service just said there was no pdf for that recipe. It was a pain trying to find the missing recipes. Customer service did give a discount on our next box when ingredients were missing, but it still was a headache.
  • Recipes started to get boring. I was getting tired of having bell peppers each week or the sheer amount of potatoes that were included in recipes. Every once in a while, a really yummy recipe would appear, but the longer we used Hello Fresh, the more bored we were getting with meals.
  • SO MUCH GARLIC! I love garlic, don’t get me wrong, but every week it seemed like we were getting another entire bulb of garlic! I wish there would’ve been an option to tell them not to send an ingredient. We still have about 10+ bulbs of garlic in our cabinet we are trying to work through.

Overall, I think Hello Fresh is good for a short amount of time and for those who want to learn more cooking skills/recipes. It was fun getting a box with new recipes each week and we do have some favourites we like to make again and again. However, it’s really not cost effective for long term users.

xx Hannah

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