Free Things to Do in London

Now that the UK government has started to list some dates as to when lockdown could potentially be over, it’s got me thinking about what to do this summer. It has many planning for their summer holiday away from the town or city they have been stuck in. You may know London as an expensive city, but there are plenty of free things to do! Here are some of my favourite free things I have found to do while out and about in London.

Visit Museums

What I love about London is that most museums are free. You can always find plenty of tourists around South Kensington exploring the Victoria & Albert Museum, the Science Museum, and the Natural History Museum. The V&A is my favourite of the three because every time I go, I always find something new. I also enjoy visiting Tate Modern and Tate Britain. There are plenty of free rooms to explore and discover new art. I recommend visiting the Tate Modern close to closing time to beat the large crowds.

Visit Parks

One of my favourite things to do is bring a picnic lunch to a park somewhere in London. Popular parks are Hyde Park, Green Park, Holland Park, and Richmond Park. The park I visit often is nearby to where I live called Gunnersbury Park. Each park has its own unique feature. Holland Park has gorgeous peacocks, while Richmond Park has deer that roam the grounds. Parks get busy around the summer and on weekends, so be prepared to navigate crowds.

Visit Cemeteries

This free option isn’t meaning to sound morbid. London has many interesting cemeteries to explore. Not all of them are free. Ones with notable residents have admission costs, so check before you go. Recently, I went to Brompton cemetery and was amazed at how many stones there were crammed together. It is a large cemetery to explore, so bring good walking shoes!

Walk around Markets

Lastly, one of my favourite free things to do in London is walk around markets. Whether it be bustling and tourist full Camden Market or foodie-friendly Borough Market, there is a market for everyone! Of course, it will be tempting to buy something while walking around these markets. Last time I went to Borough Market, there were plenty of free samples! Whichever market you are at, you will get a different feel of London culture.

Start planning that trip to London and don’t forget these free things to do!

xx Hannah

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