I can’t believe it is already the third month of 2021! It seems like just yesterday I was writing my post about the month of February. If the rest of the year could take it’s time (but get closer to lockdown ending!), that would be fantastic.

I’ve decided to label this March as the month of “new beginnings”. Even though I am still waiting for my visa to be approved, I feel like March has a lot of potential for a renewed outlook for the year.

Our housemate moved out her stuff this past weekend, so now her room is free. My husband and I are slowly turning it into an office space. We never realised how much natural sunlight that room got until we set up my husband’s desk. I’m looking forward to setting up my own workspace and decorating the house. I’m planning on sorting through our clothes, towels, bedsheets, etc. to make a little more room. It’s amazing how much the house has changed in a short time!

Since we are inching closer to spring, it has been quite sunny here in London. I am enjoying going for walks and having more sunlight in the house. I’ve seen many daffodils and flowers in bloom. I’m looking forward to seeing the goslings and ducklings at our local park.

I’m hoping this month will give me the motivation to get back into shape and stay consistent. Before the first lockdown, I was doing really well with keeping in shape. Then I slowly started to feel less motivated to work out because of the pandemic. With the weather improving and my mental health slowly getting better, I really want to get back into shape!

I’m going to try my best to stay more consistent with postings. I have created a schedule of what posts I want to do and when – all the way up to May! I’m looking forward to bringing you more posts on travel, sports, beauty, and of course, food.

Here’s to new beginnings this month, reader.

xx Hannah

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