Is it just me or did January fly by really fast? When I turned over the calendars today, it didn’t feel right. My January wasn’t particularly busy. I was mostly stuck at home trying to fill my days with something constructive (besides starting this blog). It is just hard for me to wrap my mind around the fact that it’s the second month of 2021.

This month has a different meaning to everyone. This month, I move further along in my visa process. I submitted my visa application at the beginning of last month and have just been twiddling my fingers at a decision. My biometrics appointment is scheduled for later this week and I’m looking forward to getting that finished. One step at a time, I suppose. In the future, I will write a post about that process of submitting a family visa.

While most people think this is the month of love, this week in the UK is Sexual Abuse & Sexual Violence Awareness. Many people are starting to share their stories using the hashtag, #itsnotok. With lockdown, I know violence has been increasing across the country because of individuals being stuck at home with their abusive partners. It makes me sick to my stomach. On another note, be sure to talk with you partner(s) about STI’s, wearing condoms, and all those important bits about protecting each other.

February in the UK is also LGBT+ History Month! There are a lot of great resources out there on learning more about the history of LGBT+ people. You can start by looking here. Did you know that the original pride flag had eight-stripes, including the colours pink and turquoise?

Whatever February means to you, I hope it will be filled with lots of love and more hope for the year.

xx Hannah

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