Has your winter been a little dreary lately? Has the work day at home been bland? Starting yesterday and continuing on today, my husband and I have been watching the live cameras for Winterwatch. These cameras focus on different parts of the UK and the wildlife during these cold winter days.

I had heard about Springwatch before, but never watched the live cameras streamed online focusing on wildlife. At first I saw a post on Facebook and was just curious about what birds I might see. Soon, it turned into having it playing all day. Today, I am streaming it on the television, while my husband has it in the background during his work.

The bird feeder camera – watching it from the comfort of our lounge

Maybe I’m just turning into an old lady, but I really enjoy listening to the sounds of the birds while reading a book. It’s made our house feel more cheery since we don’t hear many birds here in London around where we live. I’ve also seen blue tits, coal tits, great tits, nuthatches, great spotted woodpeckers, and even a wood mouse and some voles. It is a fun (and super cute) stream to have up.

The live cameras are on from 10am GMT to 10pm GMT every day until it ends this Friday (29 January) at 9pm GMT. You can stream it here from BBC Two.

xx Hannah

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