Missing The Cinema

This past weekend, my husband and I watched Wonder Woman 1984 on Amazon Prime. When I was watching it, it didn’t feel any different compared to watching any normal movie on a streaming platform. Then it hit me – It was one of the movies we were planning on seeing in the cinema over the past summer. One of the many films I was looking forward to seeing before everything changed.

It’s ended up being one of those things you don’t really realise how much you liked it until it’s gone. My husband and I loved going to see movies for a date night. It was nice to get cheaper tickets with our student discounts where no one checked if we were actually students. I miss getting a salty popcorn to eat most of it before the film has even started. I miss the ride back home, trying not to talk too much about the plot in case someone overhears us.

A majority of the streaming platforms are offering movies that would’ve been in cinemas for a hefty price. I had read that the newest James Bond movie, that I was planning to see with my parents in America, has been pushed back even longer with some platforms not wanting to pay the price to stream it to its viewers. It really makes me sad for all of this hard work the film makers put into a movie for it to be delayed again and again.

This also makes me think about all of those involved in the creative arts – how much they have had to sacrifice during this pandemic. I can’t imagine going from performing every night in the West End to being stuck at home, your creativity and outlet being stifled. I know how hard creative arts venues have been trying to pay rent every month. It’s also saddening to see very little help come from the government.

It’s hard to know how long it will be until we can enjoy these things like going to the cinema again. I really hope it will be sometime soon.

xx Hannah

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