Date Night Ideas #1

A while ago, my parents had purchased my husband and I a jar that had 52 date night ideas – essentially one date night idea a week, for the year. Since we had been busy with the move, Peter and I didn’t really seem to have the time to think about date nights. Now that we have settled in, we have decided to pick a prompt randomly from the jar and do what it says for that week. I decided to share these date night ideas with you, weekly, just in case you need some inspiration for a date!

The idea we drew for this week said, “Find a walking trail on the other side of town.”

Where we live there are tons of walking trails around, but we wanted to travel a little further to go for our walk. We bought a couple of meal deals and took a 15 minute drive to Wendover Woods, a national forest here in England.

Inside Wendover Woods

Since we went on a Saturday, it was busy and bustling with children around the cafe, Go Ape ropes course, and the play trails. It was nice once we got on the Hill Fort Trail, there was a lot less commotion.

After walking on the Hill Fort Trail, we ate on the bench at the viewpoint and enjoyed watching the sailboats on the lake. Peter and I then trekked the Firecrest Trail before returning to Aylesbury.

The view from our picnic spot – you can see for miles!

I really enjoyed Wendover Woods because of how quiet the trails were and how lovely it was to hear the birds. I want to go again when there is more green on the trees and when the leaves turn for Autumn.

So for your next date night, perhaps take a walk on the other side of town or find a forest to explore! It’s an easy, cheap, and relaxing way to spend time with your partner.

xx Hannah

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