I’ll admit it – it has been a while since I have written on here! I’m sure some of you were wondering where my weekly “Friday Foods” posts were and why I wasn’t writing as much. There is a lot that has happened since I’ve last posted, so I will give a quick update!

My husband, Peter, and I went on our honeymoon (almost six months after our wedding!). That took some of my time away from my laptop and not enough time to schedule some posts out. We had a wonderful time away and I will be sharing about the places we visited soon.

I (finally) received my visa approval! This was such a huge burden for me trying to find a job and now that I have it, I am currently job searching. I plan on sharing my immigration journey and updates on how I’m finding the UK job market during a pandemic.

Since last writing, I have started a volunteer position as a gardener at the park near my flat. I’m always exhausted after working, but I find the work really rewarding. Of course, I will share about that.

In general, the weeks have just flown by and every time I thought about writing, I would get distracted. I am planning to start regularly posting next week and bring new content to Idealistic Iowan.

Thank you to those who have been sticking around to read more from me. I really appreciate your patience.

xx Hannah

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