My Must Visit Places in Europe

I miss traveling. The last time I was on an airplane was January 2020. The last time I was on a train was almost a year ago. Traveling has always been an important part of my life and being stuck in the London area makes me want to travel even more. I’ve found myself skipping over the travel section of magazines because I know it’ll be a while until I can get on an airplane again.

To help with wanderlust, I’ve decided to compile some of my must visit places in Europe. This is not an exhaustive list. I just want to highlight some of my favourite places to you. Hopefully, this gives some travel inspiration for your future trip!

Best Place for a Solo Trip: Stockholm

A photo from one of my walks in central Stockholm

Back in February 2018, I decided to take a solo trip to Stockholm for a few days. I didn’t have anything planned (besides flights, where I was staying, and how to get to my hotel). It was nice to explore the city without any set plan. It was also nice not to have to worry about someone else.

From the airport, I took a bus to the central bus station near the city centre. It was a chartered bus, so it was nice comfy seats and wifi. Then from the bus station, my hotel was less than a block away. I stayed in a small, windowless room in the basement of Scandic Grand Central. I got a great deal on Expedia for my flight and hotel reservations. I loved this 4-star hotel and my little room. It even had breakfast included in the price! I would eat a huge breakfast to give myself enough fuel for the day.

Everyone was really nice everywhere I went and the city was very clean. Since I was there in February, it was cold and there was snow everywhere. I just took my backpack with me, so there wasn’t much room for souvenirs. A majority of my time there was walking and taking pictures. I did not use any public transport, so I walked around 10 miles each day. I did visit Moderna Museet, the modern art museum. It is located on an island in central Stockholm. It was the perfect place to warm up and look at art.

During my walk, I saw the Nobel Prize Museum, Old Town with its beautiful buildings, and many other architecturally beautiful places. I went into a large department store and even found a Sephora! I would love to visit Stockholm again in the future and explore new places in the city.

Want tasty food? Visit Amsterdam

Hands down, the city with the tastiest food I have visited has been Amsterdam. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner were always delicious – even if not the healthiest. One of my favourite places I visit was Pancakes Amsterdam Negen Straatjes. There are multiple locations for Pancakes Amsterdam, but this was the location that I visited. I don’t remember what I had on top of mine, but I had delicious Dutch pancakes and fresh orange juice. Other people I know who have visited Amsterdam can attest to its great variety and quality of food in the city.

Easy to Get Around: Brussels

Here is one of the building paintings we found – it was like a scavenger hunt!

A city I found easy to get around with my significant other was Brussels. We didn’t use any public transport because I had read that it was much faster to walk and the transport tends to get backed up. We stayed in the Pullman Brussels Centre Midi Hotel, which was a hotel within the Brussels-South railway station. It made it easy once we got off the train from the airport. We also got a free upgrade, which a fun surprise.

There are a lot of things to see and do in Brussels. We went to parks, saw the artwork on the outside of buildings, visited the Royal Museums of Fine Arts Belgium, and ate a lot of chocolate. I highly recommend visiting!

For something completely different: Berlin

I had some ups and downs while visiting Berlin, but there is no doubt it was one of the most interesting places I’ve ever visited. From seeing the Berlin wall to clubbing early into the morning, this city has a lot to offer.

One of the weird and wonderful things in Berlin is Burgermeister Schlesisches Tor. Burgermeister is a chain, but this location of their restaurant is located in a former public toilet. I went there for lunch and it was a fun experience. The burgers were so good!

This is just a glimpse of some of my favourite places in Europe. I hope you have some ideas for your next trip!

xx Hannah

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