Kew Gardens

It’s currently snowing here in London and I’m snuggled up under a blanket as I’m writing this. It’s been a while since I have sat down to write, so I thought I would talk about one of my favourite places in London: Kew Gardens. This place holds so many wonderful memories and I highly recommend visiting if you ever get the chance.

My first time to Kew was with my then-boyfriend-now-husband. We decided to have a picnic there and walk around part of the gardens. I was really excited to see the orchid display in the Princess of Wales Conservatory. I couldn’t believe how huge the greenhouse buildings were and how many plants filled them. I loved seeing plants from all over the world, thriving in cold England. We didn’t see the whole thing – you really can’t see all of Kew Gardens in one day unless you are up for miles and miles of walking! I knew then and there that Kew Gardens was going to be a place I would come back to many times.

Orchid display in Princess of Wales Conservatory – pictures do not do any justice!

The second time I went to Kew Gardens, I went with my friend Kristian. She was visiting me from the States while I was studying at Roehampton. It was one of her requests to go visit and I knew we had to make it happen! Peter came along with us because he loves Kew too. This time we went was in May, so more fauna were out and about. I took so many pictures and walked to new parts of the Gardens that we hadn’t seen previously.

Goslings walking around – I was shocked they were so calm to come up to me
A picture of the lake – it was such a gorgeous day

The next time I visited Kew wouldn’t be for over another year. Peter and I went to visit the day before I left for Lincoln to start my master’s. During this time, there was a Chihuly exhibition going on, so sculptures were found everywhere around the grounds. Chihuly is one of my favourite artists, so I couldn’t wait to see everything! It was so beautiful and breathtaking to see all the sculptures within the flowers and trees. I become one of those annoying tourists taking pictures of everything.

Chihuly sculptures with the Pagoda in the background
I was trying to take a selfie, but then someone asked if I wanted them to take our picture. Oh, pre-COVID times.

My next visit to Kew wasn’t until another year later. This time was very special, but I had no idea. Peter and I were visiting for our anniversary. Since it was one of our favourite places to visit, we decided we wanted to go there to celebrate three years of being together. Little did I know, that Peter was going to propose there. We were sitting on a bench on one of the paths when he got down on one knee and asked me. Now you can see why Kew Gardens holds such an important piece of my heart.

This was taken shortly after Peter proposed – I was so excited!

The next time I went to Kew Gardens was exactly two months after our engagement, I went with my mom to show her around. Since we only live a short bus ride away from Kew, it was nice to go there with her and for her to get to see everything I love. I went again in January with my friend Sham to see the Christmas at Kew lights. Since lockdown had happened, they had opened up Kew again and extended the Christmas lights. I had heard so many good things about the lights, I was thrilled to be going.

I felt like a little kid seeing all of the beautiful light displays. It was simply magical. I even had a mint hot chocolate to sip while walking through the gardens. I would highly recommend visiting during that time, but get your tickets early because they sell out quickly!

Entrance to the Gardens during their Christmas light displays
This tree was probably my favourite light display

As you can see, Kew Gardens is fantastic to see in all four seasons. There is something for everyone. Make sure when you visit you wear sturdy shoes. Also, bring some food for a picnic and find a nice big tree to sit under. It’ll make the trip even more memorable. Even though it is closed right now, I hope you will take the chance to visit in the future. I know I will!

xx Hannah

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