Why I Started This Blog

The people who know me best would not be surprised to hear I started writing a blog. With my background in journalism and years of writing, it seems like a natural thing to do. Right?

Since this pandemic has started, I have felt my creativity being stifled. I have been stuck in an endless loop of searching for jobs, getting interviews, and then being rejected. With these rejections, I have felt less likely to want to get out my journal and write. Even though I have been doing some freelance work, that is only ad hoc and leaves me with many days staring at the wall.

With craving the feeling of wanting to write (and not be stuck on a specific topic), I decided to create this blog. I thought it would be the best way to share my thoughts, my experiences, and enjoy writing creatively again. It doesn’t matter to me if I reach hundreds of readers. As long as one person takes away something from my writing, I’m happy with that.

The name Idealistic Iowan came from a stream of brainstorming. I didn’t want the name to be tied down to one specific topic – I want to write about everything! After flirting around with different domain names, I settled on Idealistic Iowan because (a) I am Iowan (even though I am in England) and (b) I tend to romanticize, imagine any situation/topic. I’m also a sucker for alliterations.

I hope you will enjoy reading my future posts in the days to come. I will aim to post at least once a day, so I can commit to this blog. Topics I’m planning on touching on include: travel, sports, food, relationships, family, and health & beauty. I’m also wanting to interview various people – so you won’t just read my opinions!

Let’s have a better start to this new year!

xx Hannah

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