Airbnb Tips

Apologies again for the long time between writing. Life has been so busy lately, but things are finally falling into place for me that I feel like I can sit down and do some writing again!

With life returning to “normal”, more and more Britons are choosing to travel again. One of the popular ways of finding where to stay is through Airbnb. From cabins to funky flats, Airbnb offers a wide selection of places to stay, usually at a lower cost than staying in a hotel.

Since I have done quite a bit of traveling and staying at some Airbnbs, here are some tips that I find useful to keep in mind when looking and staying at an Airbnb.

The Airbnb we stayed at for our honeymoon had free tea for us to drink – plus the hosts would wash our dishes!

Read the reviews

This seems like a very obvious tip, but it’s an important one! Think to yourself, do the reviews sound like genuine people? If so, how much information is provided? Are there any recent reviews? Spending a good amount of time looking at the reviews will give you a good idea of what you can expect when you arrive or how the hosts treat their guests. I usually prefer looking at places with more reviews, as it gives a broader range of voices and experiences.

Be certain you are okay with the type of Airbnb

Some people don’t mind doing an Airbnb where they have to share a bathroom with either the host or other guests. Others would rather have the entire place to themselves. Just keep in mind what you want in terms of privacy and shared space.

Check the location

I met someone who wanted to visit LA and booked a place to stay without checking exactly where the location was in terms of things they wanted to see. They ended up staying in Compton and had to deal with more than they bargained for on their trip.

Airbnb does a good job of giving you a rough area of where your place would be located. Be sure to think about transportation options in your area, if it has free parking, and how close you are to the things you want to see. This will help save you some trouble that may arise when you arrive.

Be clean, kind, and courteous

This seems like another obvious tip, but it is so important. At the end of your stay, your host will give a review on the guest (you). This will impact your options to stay at future Airbnbs, so it is important to really be on your best behaviour. Try and make your Airbnb as clean as when you first arrived. Be friendly with your host and don’t ask for unreasonable requests. Be sure to follow the rules, i.e. quiet times and check-in/out policies.

I hope these tips are helpful when you are thinking about booking with and staying at an Airbnb. There are some really fun places to stay and you’re lucky if you find a hidden gem!

Happy travelling!

xx Hannah

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