Easter Travels

To whoever is reading this, I hope you had a wonderful Easter holidays and enjoyed your time. My husband took off the work week before Easter, so we had some time to travel to in and outside of London. Here are the places we went to:

Richmond Park

I was sitting under a tree in Richmond Park when I took this picture. It was a beautiful day!

I had been to Richmond Park in the past (2017 to be exact), so it was nice to come back. It was in the 70s that day, sunny, and PACKED. We were lucky to find a parking spot! I couldn’t believe how many people were out and about. Thankfully, Richmond Park is big. You can spread out from people and have plenty of space to explore. We didn’t go up to the deer (lots of people around them), but we did see a lot of waterfowl in the lake.

Black Park

Rows and rows of trees in Black Park – really makes you feel small!

Black Park is a little ways outside of London, near Slough. Peter, my husband, had been to the park when he was younger, but this was my first time. I was in awe of the rows and rows of trees. It is also located near Pinewood Studios, which has filmed many famous movies and television shows. There is a lake as well with places to get ice cream and other food. There were lots of people around the lake, but it was nice to be found alone within the woods.

Gunnersbury Park

Me sitting at our picnic in Gunnersbury – I love the tulips!

This is where we had our Easter picnic. It is not too far away from the flat, so it was easy to walk to and carry our food. It was sunny, but the wind was chilly! I love this park! It is always well kept and there are lots of flowers and birds to see.

That was just a glimpse of the places I went to last week during Easter holidays. They are fun to visit. Black Park and Gunnersbury parking are not free, but Richmond Park has free parking. With the weather warming up some and sunnier days ahead, I hope you will take a chance to visit these lovely parks.

xx Hannah

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