Hope for the Future

Yesterday, a historic moment happened in Washington D.C. – the first Black, Asian, female vice president was sworn into office. I couldn’t help feel my heart swell with joy. I still can’t believe how long it has taken for a woman to get into this position of power in the United States. I really do hope this will be the first and not the last female in this position. I wish people could put politics aside for this one great moment in history.

I’m hoping that from yesterday the United States can try and better itself. I’m hoping the government will take the pandemic more seriously. I’m hoping immigration laws will be reformed and non-citizens will have their rights given back. I’m hoping BIPOC people will be listened to and taken seriously. I’m hoping for the protection of sacred land and work to improve the environment. I’m hoping that people will learn that religion and politics do not mix.

These are all things I can hope for and see if there will be any action. It is hard with the current state of affairs all around the world – but I can try to be optimistic in this world that gives me anxiety.

I don’t have much more to add to today’s post, but I’ll end with this. No matter what your political beliefs are, we need to be compassionate humans. If you can’t care for those different than yourself, you can’t be a good, compassionate person. I’m not talking about serving to others to make yourself look good. Listen to others and learn.

xx Hannah

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