Stuff Every Gardener Should Know

Last night when I was looking around my bedroom, I noticed one of the books I had purchased for my husband two years ago on the shelf. It is called, Stuff Every Gardener Should Know by Scott Meyer. I had purchased this book for my husband because he loves to garden. We have many plants around the house and in our garden. Even though I did pay for this book, I never really looked through it until last night. There were some things I already knew about, but there were some interesting tips I had never heard of before. I thought I would share those here, in case you need some help with your garden!

To get rid of unwanted critters (such as deer, rabbits, and groundhogs), put out some smelly objects

I had heard of planting lavender or strong smelling plants to deter away animals, but not rotten eggs, garlic, hot peppers, and even scented deodorant! Meyer even suggests hanging bars of scented soap in trees and bushes.

To get helpful insects (such as ladybugs and lacewings), plant flowers with clusters of tiny blossoms

Examples of these include an annual such as baby’s breath or the perennial yarrow. Meyer recommends mixing herbs among the flowers to attract the good bugs to your beds – the best herbs being dill or cilantro.

Easy way to get rid of slugs and snails? Beer

Have an issue with slugs and snails in your beds? Meyer suggests putting out a bowl of stale beer at ground level in your garden. Overnight, the snails and slugs will slink their way and drown in the beer. Dump them out in the morning.

Have some tricky weeds? Try corn-gluten meal

Corn-gluten meal naturally stops seeds from growing. That being said, spread it after your seeds have sprouted. It will then control your weeds for the entire growing season.


There are other fun tips and hints in this book, such as what are the best plants to grow in the shade, how to force flowers to bloom early, and many more! Flipping though this book has made me ready for spring and summer. I’m ready to do some gardening!

xx Hannah

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