Video Games: A Slight Obsession

Today I started playing a new game on the Nintendo Switch called, Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town. I’ll admit it, I’m addicted to it already. My husband knew I would like it because of me being obsessed with Animal Crossing. It is the rebranding of Harvest Moon and my husband has pointed out similarities between the two. Either way, it took me a lot to get away from it to write this post for today.

I like to think back to when I first started playing video games – back to when I would play on my parent’s Playstation. My favourite game to play was Pac-Man World. I was so obsessed with trying to beat my time record of completing the first level. Playing that Playstation was something that could help me take my mind off of other things. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work anymore.

I remember being in middle school playing games on the PC and also on my Nintendo DS. It was one of the happiest Christmases when I unwrapped the paper to find a pink DS. That became an obsession; saving up money to buy my next DS game. I grew quite the collection of games, mostly simulation ones.

As I grew up, it seemed to be that I wasn’t so interested in video games. A lot of it was not enough time to play them or my mind was focused on other things. In college, my roommate bought me Sims 3 because of how much I loved watching her play in her spare time. Sims 3 has now become one of my favourite games to play (yes, I like it better than Sims 4).

I didn’t really get fully invested in games until I started dating my husband. He showed me all different types – puzzle, RPGs, and even starting teaching me all about Pokémon. Through video games, we have found a way to bond over ones we like to play together. Animal Crossing, Pokémon Shield, and Assassin’s Creed Odyssey & Valhalla, are our current favourites to play together. I never thought that would be something I would bond with my future husband over. To be honest, I thought it would be sports!

I know there are countless articles out there talking about benefits and negativity towards video games. I do think playing it too much is bad for your health and eyes. However, there are so many positives that have come from playing video games. Are there any games that you remember playing as a kid that bring back good memories for you?

Now back to playing some more!

xx Hannah

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